Can – Ege Bamyasi

(i have had a migraine on and off for about 4-5 weeks now? i am amazed i had a few moments to even eke whatever this is out…) A prayer I just want one more night in heels; changing a flat in a rubbery black skirt so tight it reflects streetlight. I want to be … Continue reading Can – Ege Bamyasi

Lightnin’ Hopkins – Vol. 1 Blues – Folk Series

(early blues music really hits the gut. this poem attempts to navigate depression, mindfulness, hope, anxiety and so much more… here i incorporated the titles from a Lightnin’ Hopkins collection that includes songs from 1950 and 1951…) Self-Awareness Blues Sometimes I am a new, short-haired woman, a long way from Texas, older, and madas I … Continue reading Lightnin’ Hopkins – Vol. 1 Blues – Folk Series

Lush – Split

(everything is so scattered and scary and in a constant state of overwhelm this year. but i won’t miss the opportunity to reflect on something i cherish a whole damn lot.) when i don’t die i am all lit uplike christmas in a blackout your kiss never, never dims the light from a dead star  that used to … Continue reading Lush – Split

Lou Reed – Berlin

(this is one of the most depressing albums ever… and i like a lot of old blues music. i wrote this semi-kinda-CNF piece using titles from this ache of an album…) Caroline says Caroline says: 1) Call the older boys.  We’re barely 14 and she’s hot for men. It’s beyond time for the bed and … Continue reading Lou Reed – Berlin

Ella Fitzgerald – s/t

(a new poem tonight, with much appreciation to song titles on loan from this self-titled jazz wonder!) Feel the fear, the year, and do it anyway That old feeling creeps in (dread),and I know I’ll never be the same girl twice. I know spring is here because I cry a headache until the endof autumn. I don’t getaround much … Continue reading Ella Fitzgerald – s/t


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